Barber G is a family-friendly barber shop, that opened its doors to the public on July 2nd 2018.  Simon “Barber G” has been traditionally trained in London’s longest running barber academy, and is excited to offer you the best in barbering services.  Due to the shops growth and loyal support , Mrs  Barber G has joined us on the floor, we have spared no expense to bring you a second London trained Barber. Straight from the best barbering academy in London, Clare is excited to continue with the tradition of Barber G and offer our exceptional service at affordable prices. We hope that you will enjoy the ambiance in the shop and enjoy the services we offer.


Simon - Barber G


For the Refined


Receive a traditional service that has been around for 100’s of years and leave the barber shop feeling like our valued guest.



Growing a beard can be fun and rewarding, but also a lot of work.

We like to refer to them as a "Hobby".

Some women love a man with a beard (or manly whiskers), others simply cannot handle the fluff!

Not all beards are the same, and every one is specific for its owner. Facial contours, scarring, moles, pimples, patchiness, tufts, curls, fading & blemishes all need to be taken into consideration when deciding which beard style is for you. In many cases enhancement is the key. Making improvements to your lines and edging can drastically improve the appearance of your beard. Length of hair and the shape of the beard you would like to grow are also major factors, so it is a good idea to have a bit of an idea of which direction you would like your beard to grow. 

Simply put..., you have way more options than a number 2 all over!!!

Free-styling techniques that we use in the shop can really make a dull beard very attractive. 

But do not fear... if you are starting a new beard-growing career and are new to beard growth, or if you have an existing beard and need assistance maintaining that groomed look, we are here to help.

Initial consultation is paramount to the end result. So expect a few questions before we embark on any trim or style of your facial hair.

I've spoken to far too many clients that have been disappointed with previous attempts on their beards before they came to us.

Even if you are keen to try and maintain your beard yourself, we can offer you advice and tips on how to maintain the look, and the tools you will need to do it. We can trim your beard to your desired design which will give you a head start in maintaining the shape.

From simple trims, to complex shapes and contours, we have you covered here at Barber G.

Whatever you have....we can handle it.

Barber G


It can be quite daunting as a child going to an unknown place, sitting in a strange chair, looking in a mirror whilst a stranger attempts to comb and cut your hair.

So at Barber G, we try to create a relaxed fun and rewarding space for kids to have their hair cut. By making the experience as fun and exciting as possible we can usually reduce the anxiety that some kids have towards getting their hair cut. This can sometimes mean that it can take a few visits to the shop before actually getting a hair cut, and we welcome that.  They can come in and play with the toys, and check out the shop, we may even do some juggling. We can even cut hair near the toy table whilst the child is distracted with toys, it's about being flexible and trying a different approach to get the best results.

Good Kids get rewards...



Our Services & Pricing


Men's Cut  

Traditional cut and style. *


Beard Trim - Special Service

Stand alone service.


Restyle and Fades 

Gents and boys. *


Razor Fades

Straight Blade & Clippers


Under 16's  

Traditional cut and style.



Traditional cut and style. *


Clipper Cuts 

Clippers only and shape up.


The Groomsman - Wedding Parties

By Appointment Only

* - Includes blow dry & style, hair products, cut throat neck shave and a splash of cologne.

Beard Trim - Special Service

With any haircut.


Razored Head - (The Inspector Kojak)


Short As!  

Clippers and Finale.


Standard Wet Shave  

Our Most Popular Shave


Luxury Wet Shave  

Additional Top End Products


The Bond Experience  

James Bond signature products & Extras


Special Service - Experience how beard trims are supposed to be, the Barber G way.

Exciting themed Shaves Coming soon!



Male Grooming Products

Eucris Hard Shaving Soap

Eucris Hard Shaving Soap

$45.00 - Ask in store

Extract of Limes Hard Shaving Soap

Extract of Limes
Shaving Soap

$45.00 - Ask in store

Almond Hard Shaving Soap

Almond Hard Shaving Soap

$45.00 - Ask in store

Violet Hard Shaving Soap

Violet Hard Shaving Soap

$45.00 - Ask in store


Client Testimonials


"Felt like you where in your own man shed getting a haircut. 
Awesome finishing on the hair and took the time- will be back"

Jack Conroy 








9.00am - 5.30pm

 9:00am - 5:30pm 9:00am - 5:30pm 9:00am - 5:30pm 9:00am - 5:30pm 9:00am - 2:00pm Closed

Working Hours


Special Events 

The shop will be closed Monday the 5th October for Queens Birthday long weekend and we re-open as usual on Tuesday

Covid-19 is reducing trade in the shop significantly, so opening hours will vary. Please call the shop directly if you want to be sure we are open.

All services are still available, although we are still maintaining social distancing in accordance to Government suggestions and guidelines.

Saturday trading hours will be reduced to 2pm unless trade dictates we stay open longer. If you intend to come down close to that time, please call ahead. 

Stay safe people and do what you can to stop the spread and risk to others.

Seasonal Changes

to Ordinary hours

Monday   5th October CLOSED






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Extract of Limes Hard Shaving Soap